• KOREA 03 Oct 2023 04:00
  • INDIA 03 Oct 2023 00:30

MOU signed between Tavasya and 3 Korean Companies : Groon, SGT, Puritech

HCGKR facilitated meetings and discussions among the South Korean companies – Sewon Bio, Groon, SGT, Puritech with Phoenix, Avanti and Tavasya with support from Wevio. MOU has also been signed between Tavasya and three Korean companies – Groon, SGT and Puritech.  Amongst the 15 Korean companies that participated in Tech Connect Global event in Mumbai on 13th December 2019, 4 have visited Hyderabad to find suitable business partners for business collaborations.

Groon provides water treatment  products which can be used in multiple applications of sewage treatment such are public lakes, water bodies, Aqua Farms, Sewage Treatment for  Public property places & Community, Private Community ( Apartments and Greated community), Industrial Sewage Treatment, Medical Water Treatment.

SGT is a Horticulture and Irrigation tech company providing latest technology products for metro farming, drip irrigation, green houses. Puritech provides Oxygen generators, Micro Bubble generator and Gas purifier for cleaning the air. Sewon Bio does future food processing for humans and livestock. HCGKR organised their meeting with Indian fish feed company called Avanti . Sewon Bio also provides insect proteins, peptide and pharma products.