• KOREA 03 Oct 2023 02:32
  • INDIA 02 Oct 2023 23:02

The production presents clowns who love to frolic, always laughing and having fun together with endless games and pranks using discarded drums, bicycle handles, broken bowls and dented pots. Even while the clowns play and amuse their audience, they convey significant messages relating to sustainability and co-existence- of the value of re-using and re-cycling; of Nature’s gifts and just how important it is for our own survival to protect, preserve and nurture our environment.

A visual and aural treat, this is a play is essentially both a breezy entertainer and a call to action, that resonates meaningfully with both children and adults.

The Honorary Consulate partnered with Inko Centre in promoting a virtual screening of the play from July 16th to July 25th 2021.