• KOREA 03 Oct 2023 03:43
  • INDIA 03 Oct 2023 00:13

With Nature as their musical theme, the female Korean folk group Duobud presents music of comfort and healing with traditional percussion and gayageum melodies. The combination of percussion and string highlights the contrast between percussive expressions of direct and explosive energies and lyrical string melodies. The percussion is so delicate that one’s breath can be heard while the Korean harp is played with a boldness reminiscent of electronic sounds. The resultant music, uniquely expands the expressive realms of both percussive and melodic instruments.

We are delighted this year to virtually present Duobud to continue to share qualitative examples of Korean contemporary music that presents traditional instrumentation with a contemporary twist. Duobud was all set to tour India, in association with local partners but the exigencies of the present moment has meant that the performance will now be presented and viewed virtually.

The Honorary Consulate partnered with Inko Centre in promoting a free korean contemprary virtual musical performace from November 12th to November 26th 2021.