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Korean firm Focustek offers success mantra to manufacturing industry

A Korean company Focustek in Gurugram is unique in many terms. Apart from employing a hundred percent Indian manpower including senior management and engineers, the company is a small corporate family, and it never resorted to salary-cuts of its employees, nor did it stop production in those difficult days of Covid pandemic.

This leading service provider in Electronic PCB Assembly has emerged as a leading example of non-stop operations during the pandemic when majority of the labour-intensive manufacturing units in the country were facing manpower shortage and disrupted supply chain due to large-scale exodus of workers.

However, the employees including workers at Focustek refused to go back to their hometowns and instead stepped up the production and the supply of its products and services never stopped. The company was able to honour all the supply orders of their clients who happen to be the automotive giants.

Except for Seong-Heum Park, the promoter and managing director of Focustek Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd, all other 130 employees are Indian natives in this company.

Source: Asian Community News

Korean firm Focustek offers success mantra to manufacturing industry – Asian Community News